2 winners in the same race

I just finished a 2-winner race. We both finished in the exact same time (which means: up to a thousand of a second).
Now when looking at the results in ZwiftPower, I am listed as second though finish time is identical with the other winner. I am also provided 2nd place points, while this should be (shared) 1st place points.

Can someone clarify how this works? Thanks!

Race info (can’t include a link):

September 14, 2021
11.15 - WTRL Racing
Suki’s Playground 1 Laps **19k

I think the answer is it doesn’t work. There is no facility within zp to have a joint winner and I doubt that will change any time soon as ZP is not doing much (probably none) ongoing development.

As to what logic is decides who is 1st and who is 2nd is an interesting question, alphabetical? power? i’m really not sure.

Race ID for anyone searching 2285469

Hi Gordon,

Thanks for responding. Seems indeed that it just doesnt work. And most probably the ranking is made up in alphabetical order.

Zwift companion does display the table correctly, interestingly enough. Two number 1’s are displayed. Hilarious in a way that the much more detailed score processing website is not equiped to do so!

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Any chance you have a stream of the race?

Isn’t this a case of the time being displayed as is because of rounding?
And that there was really a difference and the other guy simply beat you by .0001 of a second?

If you check the log files on your computer you can actually see that zwift uses 6 decimals to determine finishing time, so it is most likely as Jakob said that zp is rounding the numbers. Although it is wierd that companion then shows two number 1.

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Hi Mike, haven’t been able to find one…

Hi Jakob, If results are measured by tenths of thousands of seconds, then this might well be the case…!

He Joakim, that’s interesting to know and most probably the reason!

Yep, and why wouldn’t they be? After all it’s all computer-based…