ZwiftPower assigns differing positions on same time

Two of us finished at the same time in the precision that is shown on ZP. We are assigned the same position in companion app and in post race screen, but ZP gives me 2nd and the other rider 3rd. By all rights we should share 2nd.


C pen, event id:

i’m surprised something like this hasn’t happened more often. personally i think it’s because zp and zwift use different rounding methods, but i’m just guessing

I imagine it is usually overlooked. I would probably not have noticed if there had not been an ( initial ) difference in the results between ZwiftPower and ( the latter subsequently updated to show same result as ZP as that is the source of the data ).

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Oh, interesting. But then it wouldn’t be the ZP id (and instead the GUID type used by Zwift?), or this has changed as the other guy has a lower ZP id than I do.