Sorting order in case of tied results

I have got a question regarding Primes to both the Zwift developers and the Zwiftpower developers. My question is:

  1. How does the Zwift application generate a ranking which includes two riders which have the same segment time?
  2. How does Zwiftpower generate a ranking which includes two riders with the same segment time?

For both, I wonder: is there any logic applied (e.g. order of crossing the line? sorted alphabetically by name?) or is it just random when two riders are tied?

The reason I am wondering about how this works is, at least I have found out that at WTRL there seems to be no logic applied at all, as they had “finalized” a result with rider A above B, and then one day later they again “finalized” the same result, but with rider B above A.

Illustrations (Zwift, Zwiftpower, WTRL):

If the times in Zwiftpower are identical, the person with the lowest Zwift ID will be declared the winner.

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Thank you for this useful information! And any idea how this works in the Zwift application?

I suspect it is the same as they are in the same order.

The hidden benefits of being an early adopter! :rofl: