ZCA stuck on "Connecting"

It looks like ZCA can’t connect, but the BLE bridge works just fine. Something related to this morning’s update?

Were you able to force close the app and restart it to see if it connects? 

No change after a force quit and restart. I did notice, however, that I can switch to the Nearby Zwifters screen on ZCA. Only the map screen is stuck.

Does ZCA need to be updated to deal with the new map? There’s no update available on the Apple Store.

As per your other post, did the update fix the problem?

As Ray said, did the update help resolve this issue at all Jim? 

I can’t say for sure. The issue may have been related to the new Innsbruck map, and I haven’t ridden that map since the ZCA update. 

I see. If you encounter the issue again feel free to let me know or send in a support ticket. :) 

I rode on the Innsbruck map today, and the problem has been fixed.