Companion Issues?

I haven’t been able to connect Zwift to ZC most of this week. Is this a generalized problem? Most of the RideOns I get are from followers, and I don’t see a lot being given on the course like normal.

I have not had any issues with ZCA. Are you sure the device on which you’re running ZCA is on the same network as your Zwift device (and not running mobile data)? I also noted that there was a ZCA update this morning (for iOS, at least), so perhaps this will address the issue if nothing else does.

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I actually reboot both my iphone and my iPad before every workout to make sure that they are “cleanly” on the same network. This issue just started this week. Haven’t made any changes to devices or network.

Try disabling Wi-fi Assist on your iPhone. You may have done this before and an iOS update has reapplied it.

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Hi Michael! Another suggestion not mentioned here is that you can put your mobile device into airplane mode and turn on Wi-Fi to prevent it from connecting to mobile data! I hope these suggestions help you get your Zwift Companion connected to your Zwift!