Companion not syncing with zwift

Hi all,

I am faced with a syncing problem between companion (ios, both updated) and zwift(macos both updated). I can’t seem to get companion to follow zwift when starting a training or race. As far as I can remember I didn’t change anything in my network or firewall. Anybody else experiencing problems as well or does anybody know what firewall settings are necessary for communication (yeah they are both on the same wlan and even the same AP and yeah both can see each other outside of zwift/companion).

Kindy lost here so any help is greatly appreciated.

Kr Jan-Wiebe

This is almost always a network problem. Like 99% of the time it is something to do with the network. I’d start by rebooting all of the network equipment, put the phone in airplane mode, enable WiFi on the phone after that. There are not widespread reports of Companion failing to sync from what I see here on the forum and on Facebook.

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HI @Jan-Wiebe_Korstanje welcome to the forums! I’m Oscar from Zwift.
@Paul_Southworth thanks for the information shared, that’s very much appreciated.
I’d like to let you know that it is almost always a local network problem.

  1. Rebooting the router can help.
  2. Forcing the phone to stay on WiFI instead of cell data can help.
    On iPhones disabling WiFi Assist will force that phone to use WiFi instead of cell data when Zwifting.

Please give this a try!

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Hi guys,

Thanks for the input. As I feared it would be something on my network as nobody else is affected. After some sharkwiring I found the culprit…. My ngfw thought it was a potential dangerous connection and just dropped it. Happy days automatic updates:(

Again thanks for the input and happy zwifting!

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