ZCA not showing Workout Segments

I’ve completed two run workouts this week and in both cases the workout segments failed to load to the ZCA workout screen. Game on ATV, ZCA on iPhone - all devices up-to-date.

Same problem with my ZA Run WO#1 this morning. The ZCA WO screen appeared on iPad but no segments appeared and the app did not show any run data. ZCA also did not show any bridge BT connections.

Everything was normal in game (PC) as shown on my big screen.

Zwift running on PC (Win 11), ZCA on iPad. Myrun paired to Zwift via BT. All s/w up to date prior to event.

After completing the ZA Run I switched over to bike. ZCA bridged my kickr bike via BT without issue and all sensors paired. 60 min group ride was fault free.

I had the same issue for the 1½ times for WO#1 :smile:

Though I did it first offline and then in an event… haven’t done WO#2 yet