ZA Run 2023 bug on Companion

I did my first ZA run yesterday ~17:50pm local time. Selected it from offline folder. I noticed that on start screen was some note that it starts in 12 mins… But anyhow there it was ready to be run.
So I selected “roller coaster”. 40 mins pleasure to come.
Well first I noticed that companion screen was some how weird. Well it didn’t show me the instructions nor the structure of wo. Instructions and structure was correct on Zwift app so no problemos. But, well that’s the actual bug I’m reporting. Hopefully it’s working on other workouts OR when I have to do that again.
Yep, I have to do it again if I want that it’s counted… Probably because I started ~10 mins early it didn’t count… Why oh why did you let me do that then… I don’t mind to run it again, but over all it feels a bit stupid because for sure I did it… Well at least I’m going to make that one half start a whole one :slight_smile:

ZA Academy Run workouts can be done either individually or as a group workout.

I have just messed about and set up a very similar scenario to the one you have just described (but without actually running as I’m not near or paired up with my treadmill)

Selected 4pm Academy Road group workout A 40 minutes
Open up Zwift Run game
Clicked on Academy Road box towards top of screen
Select Workouts
Select Long Workouts
Select Roller Coaster
Select a route
Start workout

This takes me to the start of my individual workout in Watopia where I do see a reminder that my Event is due to start in 20 minutes.

Had I been on my treadmill I could then have started to run my individual Roller Coaster workout.

I notice your workout was in Watopia and not on the planned London route.

There might well be a bug in the system but is it possible that you opened an individual workout and ignored the ‘join now’ event Group Workout you had preselected?

Sorry I forgot to mention there are other people reporting issues with workouts on the Companion App screen. Did your CA screen look like those in the attached link?

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hmmm, well it happened that I forgot sg and hopped off from treadmill while my route in Watopia was loading and when I came back workout had just started and pod in my foot obviously made my avatar to move and thus also workout started rolling. So if there was “start your event” banner at least I didn’t see it…

Oh, yes. I did quick search of bugs related to ZA run 2023 from latest posts and didn’t notice those

Second try today with online workout and mostly success.
Companion app was not working correctly for first 16 mins.
Instructions were visible and structure as well but pace indicator was zero.
Then after 16mins it throw me out from game mode popped me back and there it was → pace indicator on green.
Dunno what that was, but it’s working. So fine! :slight_smile: