ZCA activity replay: truncated ride-ons

When I view an activity on the Companion app, ride-ons are replayed for a portion of the ride, and then they stop. It makes it look like I only receive ride-ons for the initial part of my ride–every ride. I’m quite sure that this isn’t the case.

You’re talking about the ride-ons that pop up as your route is played back on the course map?

I looked you up on Zwift Companion and since your profile is public, it let me play back your most recent ride on Big Foot Hills with 224 ride ons. I am seeing the ride-ons pop up during the whole ride. Are you seeing something different?


When I play that ride back, the ride-ons stop popping up about the time that I complete the original KOM. No ride-ons for the volcano climb, the second pass through Titan’s Grove, etc.

That’s not what I’m seeing on my Zwift Companion.

What mobile device are you running ZC on? Are you connected to cell data, or a WiFi connection with lots of bandwidth?

I see the same thing on my iPhone and my iPad, both connected to WiFi with plenty of bandwidth (200Mbps).

See https://photos.app.goo.gl/to4VEbyMfFKJKo4w9

Thanks for including that video. That’s super-helpful and different from what I’m seeing.

I’ve forwarded to our QA team to investigate.

Note that this doesn’t seem to be a problem with shorter rides (say, half an hour, or so).

On those shorter rides where this doesn’t happen - is the total number of ride on’s less received during the ride less than 200? This bug appears to be tied to the total number, not the distance. Apparently you are way too popular. :joy:

Anyway, thank you for bringing this to our team’s attention. It’s on the honeydew list.

That could explain it, though the cutoff seems closer to 100. But this doesn’t explain why it works for you.

The new activity replay on my.zwift.com also seems to have this bug. Only the first 100 or so ride-ons are displayed.

I’ve let our team know it’s happening now on my.zwift. Thanks for the reminder Jim!

It makes me wonder if the details are only stored for the first 100 ride-ons.

It’s been a couple of months, and this is still happening. Any update?

During this quarantine, the team is working on a laundry list of bug fixes. I’ll find out if this is among them.

BTW, this is still happening.