Zwift Companion Activity Feed loads "new" activities among already-viewed activities [February 2022]

As you scroll through the activity feed on ZCA (iphone for me) the activities presented aren’t always the entire list.

Frequently I can re-scroll through the list and find “new” activities that I didn’t see the first time. These activities are not recently completed ones but activities that were completed hours ago and in the timeframe that I had given ride-ons to the first scroll through.

At other times portions of the list repeat themselves.

Activities sometime show up in the wrong place in the list - an activities from 4 hours ago shows up the middle of activities completed 10 hours ago.

What device are you using for ZCA? And are you on the latest version? I don’t recall ever having seen this happen with my iPhone or iPad, so what you’re seeing seems very odd, to be sure.

Oh yeah oops forgot that info - iphone 8, almost latest version of iOS 15.2.1, latest version of ZCA 3.32.0 (1200), 2 GB of RAM (if I remember correctly).

The 2GB and amount of followers in my feed could be problematic.

can videos be posted here?

Hi again @ron_podl

Since this issue you’ve reported also has to do with the ZC app and the activity feed, you might include it on the same support request I’d suggested you submit for this Forums thread. The issues are loosely related and we can field support for both issues on the same ticket.

For convenience, you’ll find the support request link here.

As for posting videos, I think you can. Are you trying to upload the video from your iPhone or from a computer? Uploading videos here on the Forums might not be as user friendly or functional if from a phone, but truthfully I’ve never tried. I always use a computer when accessing the Forums.

Thanks again!

Prior to this set of screenshots I had scrolled through the activity feed giving ride-ons to everybody with at least a 15 minute activity. Not much longer later I scrolled through again and “found” a set of activities that did NOT have ride-ons. These activities should have been in the list when I scrolled through the first time, but weren’t.

I am confident this is the case since there are a number of zwifters in these screenshots that I pay more attention to than others and would have definitely given them ride-ons and noted their activities. It’s possible I could miss one but not this many (I’ve only posted 4 of 9 screenshots).

This set of pictures are frames from a video I could not post. The pictures are numbered in their correct order and each follows directly from the previous.
In this set:
Frames 1 and 2 contain 4 activities that repeat in frames 5, 6, & 7.
In Frame 6 there is an additional activity in the middle of the repeated 4 first activities.
In Frames 3 & 4 are 4 other activities that are in between the repeated sequences.

These 2 screenshots show an activity by Jonny Simpkins repeated. The surrounding activities are not the same. Also note that his activity is not close to the time of the surrounding activities.

Unfortunately, I do not know how to reproduce any of these situations. They just occur and I sometimes notice the repetition. I notice the missing activities because I have to scroll through the activity feed several times to ensure I’ve given ride-ons to everybody I want to.

Changed subject line only addresses one of the issues. Are all the other items noted in the post also known issues or do they need to be split out into multiple posts?