Ride-ons from ZCA home screen aren't reliably reported/recorded

When clicking the ride on button on the ZCA home button it will report that I’ve successfully given ride-ons to a number of zwifters. Yet when I drill down to the Zwifting Now screen there are:

  • Zwifters with ride-on buttons still enabled and that were counted as having been successfully given ride-ons.
  • If you drill down to the zwifter information screen the ride-on button is disabled - but not always.
  • From the Zwifting Now screen you can give ride-ons to zwifters and the button is disabled. If you go back to the home screen and return to the Zwifting Now screen, it appears the zwifter hasn’t been given a ride-on.

Hi @ron_podl

Thanks for bring this issue to our attention!

It sounds like the issue is that there’s a difference between giving RideOns to other Zwifters while at the home screen of the ZC app (which is basically like the “offline mode” of ZC) VS when the ZC is connected (e.g. “Game” mode) and you’re giving RideOns to others who are Zwifting now.

That said, I’m not sure I entirely understand the context of what you’re reporting. So, if you’ve some screenshots or preferably a screen capture video of your ZC app exhibiting your process for giving RideOns, I think that might clarify matters a bit for the benefit of our understanding.

If you don’t want to share screenshots and video of your ZC app here in the public Forums, please submit a support inquiry to our tech support team, and we’re happy to take a look in a private, 1-on-1 discussion. You can reach us here.

@Steven_D how do I post a video here?

  1. Press the button to “Reply”
  2. There’s an icon on the toolbar that looks like a little flat computer with an upward pointing arrow, which says “Upload” when you hover over it. Click that.
  3. You should be able to browse your computer and upload screenshots or video.

Looks like I can only post pictures. I get the following when selecting an mp4 file.

Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif).

Understood @ron_podl . Feel free to share photos if you think that can accurately exhibit the issue you’ve described.

Otherwise, if you feel that a video is more helpful, again you can send that to us in an email support request here.

I noticed you may have a few other recent requests for support for unrelated issues, and our team is working to get to those as quickly as possible. Thanks!

You could give “only” 100 ride-ons at once. Refresh the main screen and you can repeat it, until everyone you follow got a ride-on.

I’m experiencing this as well (ZCA on Android). I go back to the home screen from the game screen in Companion, tap on the ride-on button, it says “Successfully gave a Ride on to 3 (or 43 or whatever) Zwifters”. After this in the main app, if I select one of the users I just gave a ride-on to from the nearby riders list, the blue ride-on button still appears next to their name (and disappears if I click on it).

Yep, it’s been like this for ages.

That’s interesting. Did not know there was a 100 ride-on limit. I would see this occasionally but that isn’t the only source of my feeling that somethings not quite right.

After playing around I can see some things that occur that I can rationalize away. While I can rationalize them I guess I wish they worked better or more intuitively.

  1. If a Zwifter just finishes an activity their ride on button is enabled, even though when I drill down to their activity the button is disabled. It doesn’t matter whether I previously gave them a ride on or just did it from the home screen. I can understand their state is perhaps in flux. Regardless, it shouldn’t be enabled.

  2. Sometimes the ride-ons for Zwifters waiting for an event to start will be accepted, sometimes not. Maybe this depends on the Zwifters state (in the pens, in their garage, switching worlds(?)) at the time.

  3. If you hit the ride-on button from the home screen and go to the Zwifting Now screen too quickly most buttons will still be enabled.

  4. There is this case where the Zwifter’s (Will Budge) button is enabled (pic 1), drill down shows not enabled (pic 2), he is riding. No matter how many times you hit the button (pic 3) it will turn back to being enabled (pic 4).