'Fix' the Activity Feed in the ZC app

(Jason 'The Shepherd' Hurst TBR (C)) #1

When I updated to ZC version 3 (on Android 6.0.1 on Galaxy S5) I no longer saw active riders in my Activity Feed, only riders who had logged off. This is still ‘broken’ in 3.0.3. I logged a support ticket over a week ago thinking it was a bug, but it seems that this has been done deliberately by the ZC app developers. No explanation as to why.

It is incredibly annoying that active riders you follow do not show up in the Activity Feed anymore. It used to be quick and easy to give Ride Ons to riders I follow and there are lots of them. Now I have to use ‘Zwifting Now’ and then ‘Zwifters I Follow, but it is clumsy. Especially while riding. There are two extra screen taps per Ride On and you have to move away from the rider list to give the Ride On. This makes it slow and frustrating.

I don’t understand why the Activity Feed has changed. Surely it can’t be due to privacy settings given you can still see active riders via ‘Zwifting Now’. Hopefully the Activity Feed will show active riders again very soon.

Given how important the social and community aspect of Zwift is to its success and as a differentiator between it and its competitors, losing the ability to quickly and easily show support for other riders is unacceptable. Yes, I know I am driving this point hard, but the previous versions of the app had this very useful functionality and now it has disappeared while Zwift is crowing about this being the best version of the app yet.

Also, please reduce the size of the activity panels in the new Activity Feed. They are too large. The larger Ride On buttons are welcome, but the larger activity panels for each Zwifter take up too much screen space. This means that I can only see two or maybe three activities at a time. This makes giving Ride Ons using my phone (Android) a slow process as I am constantly scrolling to the next activity. Previously I could see many activities at a time and quickly give 5 or 6 Ride Ons then scroll to the next 5 or 6.