Add ability to filter activity feed

At a minimum it would be nice if we could filter the activity feed by either activities where you have not given ride-ons or where you have given them.

Other options to filter by might be:

  • by a specific date
  • by activity title (or portion of)
  • by distance (range)
  • by length (range)
  • by elevation (range)
    Ideally we could filter by more than one of these options.

Scrolling through the ZCA activity feed is problematic since it doesn’t always show you all the activities, shows you some one time and others another time, sometimes show you same activities over and over as you scroll.

You can filter by name elsewhere so isn’t needed here

in the same vein, I’d like to see the function to mute people, when you don’t want to follow along but don’t want to unfollow.

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Did you see following presentation ?

I think zwift team are still working on it

Hi Lucien,
I’ve seen this or similar. The video makes no mention of updates or upcoming changes to the activity feed in ZCA or website. So…

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