ZA Issues - multiple probs?

My set up is a Windows 11 PC, iPhone companion and Wahoo (Kickr, HR and cadence)

For the Initial ride - everything was in Spanish

For WO #1 first attempt 11AM CDT - the Kickr kept automatically going from super easy ~ 65 watts to Hard ~ 170 during the warm-up phase causing me to jump ahead and behind the pack.

I stopped, updated Wahoo software, changed my Zwift to Windows vs entire screen, and conducted a spin down on the Kickr. Signed up for the 12 CDT ride

WO #1 second attempt - cadence no longer worked, switched to Kickr cadence, started the ride and none of the workout stuff was on my screen. It was like a normal London ride. No PC control of my EGR.
Very frustrating since ZA is shorter than years past.

Did you sign up for the D ride? D was in Spanish. Instead of power categories, the baseline ride had language categories.

It was an accident if I did. That said, I am a solid D rider (fat old man lol)

You can check your activities on ZCA to find out.

Is there an A or a D in the circle to the right of the number of riders?