XP issue

Other people not getting correct XP’s when riding with robopacer? Needed 1500 XP today to level up. Rode Makuri40 with Coco and only got 800 XP. Same happened yesterday

What were you expecting? There’s no additional XP for riding with the pacers.

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The course is 25 miles, 25 x 32 = 800

Why were you expecting more?

Because you see the multiplier when you ride with the robopaces. After about 35 minutes the multiplier is 2.5 so you would expect to get more than 800 XP when you ride 40k. Always used to be the case

Multiplier is for earning extra drops, not XP’s

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*never used …

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The only way pacers increase XP accumulation is because you go faster with the group

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My bad! Don’t need drops. Tnx for replying. And it’s true that pace is higher than when you ride solo so at least you earn XP’s more quickly


if you are one of those people with “banked” XP then you’ll get twice the XP amount.

So for instance a route worth 1030XP will give you 2060XP.

Your best hope for XP accumulation is route badges if you don’t have them (particularly longer routes) since you get the XP for distance and the route.

ADZ used to be a good way to get XP fast and actually still is reasonable but the spinner at the top appears less likely to give you the wheels since about two weeks ago. Additionally portal climbs have similar behaviour regards the big XP bonus, much less likely to get that.