Earning Additional XP Points

XP Points:
How about Group Rides with RoboPacer and earning xp instead of drops? What are you going to do with all your drops if you can’t really use them? When you hit level 35 it takes 10,000/20,000 points to level up - at level 39 it will be 20000 points and at level 55 it will take 30000 points to level up. Using a multiplier as you do with the drops would be nice. Could be based on distances like 20km / 30 km / 40 km / 60 km / 80 km / 100 km.
Using xp points for an automatic bike swap as you do during the Tour of Watopia would be a nice addition. On top, you could add a time penalty of 10 or 15 seconds for each swap.

Riding with a pacer group already includes an XP bonus because you are going faster at a given level of effort compared to riding solo. Personally I would prefer to see badges and XP bonuses for more of the routes that are currently event-only, such as the Fondo routes. Anything used in one of the major events like ToW or TdZ or the Fondo series should have a badge slapped on it and an appropriate XP bonus.