Wrong transmission of time

When saving, the driven time is incorrectly saved under Companion. at Strava it is transmitted correctly. What can that be?

Was your ride an event where you joined the pens early? Zwift will show the total time in world (from when you spawn until you click end ride).

Strava/Garmin and other 3rd party sites display your moving time (which ignores time waiting in pens for your event to start)

I start the Zwift program and don’t start training until later. Can it be because of that?

Yes. The time Zwift saves is the total “in game” time. So if you spawn in world and just sit at the side of the road for 30 minutes then start riding 30 minutes Zwift will show 60 minutes total (time spent sitting and riding) whereas Strava uses the moving time which would be 30 minutes.

That explains a lot. many thanks :raising_hand_woman: