My website feed statistics don't match when was reported in the app or sent to Strava

(Mark Handel) #1

It’s a minor thing, but when viewing my feed on the website I noticed that the duration of my rides was different than what the app had reported when I saved the ride and what had been sent to Strava. Think that the website may be including the time I was paused after the ride ended but before I saved it. I’m running the Mac beta software.

I’m just a few rides in, but great so far!

(simon orange) #2

I’ve noticed a difference between zwift time and the time when uploaded to strava too.

last one was 10 minutes different but I definitely didn’t spend 10 minutes on the start line (1 minute possibly?)

(David Hewes) #3

It is a strava issue. It happens when uploading from my Garmin to Strava; they use their own algorithms which never mesh with any input from anyone else. I can do a 40+ mile ride on the road and end up with 39.2, 38.6…etc.

(simon orange) #4

…but for me it’s time not distance that changes.