Discrepancy between saved and posted times?

There is usually a difference of 5-6 minutes between the time that shows when I hit SAVE at the end of my ride and the time that posts on Zwift Companion. Any idea why?

If it is an event then the discrepancy is the time you sat in the pens. In Zwift it will show the time from start to finish but the saved file will show total elapsed time in world (ie time spent just hanging out in the pens before the event)

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I’m having the same problem, but only in the workout/training section. The time difference for me has been 5 to 10 mins.

That ‘elapsed time in world’ also appears to include any time you spend stationary at the beginning if you go into your garage to change bike or kit

No events, do mostly solo rides. The time difference happens every time.
Just did a 15 mile Watopia solo ride yesterday. Finished and hit saved just almost exactly at 45 mins.
Just a few seconds later it shows up on the Companion app at 51 mins.