Zwift run: "moving time" vs "whole time it takes to get ready + the actual moving time"

(Eirikur) #1

Hi there,

Can somebody at Zwift please have a look at this and FIX this issue please?

Zwift website and Companion app don’t show the “moving time”, it shows the “whole time it takes to get ready + the actual moving time”. Can you please just display the “moving time” in the Companion app, as well on the Zwift website. Don’t care at all about the time where I was setting up my equipment or waiting at the start-line for the group run to start.

The “moving time” is displayed at the end of the run and is saved correctly as my PR, but then when I have a look at the exercise inside the Companion app and the Zwift website it gives me the “total” time, where I was standing at the starting-line and probably also counting the time I was setting up my gear, e.g. the heart-rate monitor and Stryd.

The difference in enormous as you can see 24:19 vs 28:31 !!! I also took a screenshot from Strava, which is really close to the “moving time”, which is the correct way to measure the runs.

Please note that the PACE is correct in the Companion app, but you don’t see the pace at all on the website but that would be a nice addition. You just need to adjust the time inside Companion app and the website, so it will show the “moving time” instead of the “whole time it takes to get ready + the actual moving time”

Here you have a clear screenshot of what I mean: