Wrong trainer


When i connect my Elite realtour whit ant+ its shows that it is a Elite realaxiom instead and the watts(average on 500W) not shows correctly. I become the fastest ever on Zwift

Hi Fredrik, can you try closing Zwift, deleting your Documents/Zwift/prefs.xml file, and restarting Zwift? I think that may fix you up.


I tried to delete the file but it didn’t work still the same realaxiom. Can it be so that the database over trainer have wrong trainer connected to my serial number. My serial number is 21251

My mistake - you actually needed to delete “knowndevices.xml”.  This is the file that tries to remember what your elite trainer was last time it saw it, and at one point weeks ago there was a bug that’d cause it to cache a real axiom as a realtour, and vice versa.  Can you give that a try?  Sorry about that.

I have tried that to and now I tried to delete everything and install Zwift again but it didn’t help I still got the axiom.


Have you checked the database if there is the wrong trainer to the serial number?



I have Elite RealTour Wireless (ANT), for the first time, Zwift sees my trainer as “Elite RealTrainer”. Second time I start Zwift, it sees my trainer as RealAxiom and then I can fly all over the Island. 

It is kind of unconfortable to delete xml file each time before training. 




Seems like I solved my problem, by manualy editing knowndevices.xml.


I replaced RealAxiom with RealTour. Now It show normal watts even after restart. 

I have exactly the same issue Tomas.

Did you just change the name that’s it? Leave everything else but just change the name? (serial number etc)

do I need to just open it up in notepad and retype the name? 



I just changed Axiom to Tour and thats it. 


Seems to work OK, but i am not sure if it is a normal solution. Still waiting for a reply from ZWIFT support. 


What serial number do you have? 22177?