World ICR Race Series

Yes I’ve had 4.29 before and stayed a C on CE. This time I was 4.36.
If they’re using the same equation as
[VO2max = 16.6 + (8.87 × 5-min W/kg)]

you should be able to hit 4.328 but it’s around there somewhere. I was the same. Maximum effort up the New York climb going early for the win. I did get my best ever ZP points but managed 4th place.

Just wondering, surely it would still work for the unsplit (and women’s…) categories, though, as long as the boundaries are the same? That is, while it would not stop something like a B+ rider from entering B in the wrong race, it would at least keep the B and B+ riders away from C+ through D etc.

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Yeah, I was thinking about this yesterday.

It would stop people entering the completely wrong category, but not, obviously, the wrong sub category.

There’s also the difference between CE and ZP in that the riders could potentially be an A in CE and B in ZP and they wouldn’t be able to join the correct category as determined by the organiser’s rules.

Maybe this could just be sorted out with the organizers, that CE overrides the ZP limits at those points like in many/most other races?

Yay! :wink::grin:


You’re still a C-cat in Zwift Power and this is what W-ICR uses to set the cat boundaries.

You may well be a B-cat for CE events but you should still be C+ for W-ICR and could enter as such if you wanted to (CE isn’t enabled for the W-ICR series).

I can’t tell someone how to run their series, I just offer recommendations.

He’s already in it…

Yes, of course, I just suppose some organizers might be more open to good ideas than others (cough WTRL cough)…

Oops, thought points were only being given for FTS segment, another read suggests their are finishing position points too. :grimacing: :grimacing: :rofl: :rofl:

According to their website it’s still FTS only (no FAL).

There are going to be some changes for the December series but I don’t think the primes allocation is one of them.

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It was seeing the table in “overview” that has entries for “Finish Points Awarded” and “FTS Points Awarded” this morning that made me wonder.

Another vague point (to me at least) is categories. Now most of us would presume those W/Kg limits were for your best 20mins, but I don’t see anywhere where that is stated clearly.

Best resource is their website (How it Works - World ICR). Scroll down to the “categories” section on this page and it’s laid out nicely. Cats are based upon Zwift Power best-of-3 results (your average FTP) and there’s a wattage floor/ceiling for each category.

Once you’ve entered the correct cat, you’re allowed a 0.2 W/kg leeway during the race before you’re DQd. So, if you’re low-C (cat boundary 2.84 W/kg, 175 W), you would be allowed to record an FTP of 3.04 W/kg during the race and not be DQd.

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“Finish Points” is for your overall position at the end of the race (based on time). Primes are FTS only.

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I think on races shorter than 20 minutes they apply it to the whole race. This guy got WKGed twice on sub-20-minute races…

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If you go to the unfiltered results, Zwiftpower shows a pro-rata “20 minute power” for events that are shorter than 20 minutes. I think it uses that for those that are more than 0.1 over category 95% limits.


Does anyone know how often they update the rankings?
I rode my first race in this series yesterday and have yet to appear in the list.

Looks a bit like they might be overloaded. Hope they can sort it because I love the idea of this league.

With last weeks races the rankings were updated about 20-24 hours after the last race (next day). But they sent out an email yesterday saying rankings would be updated faster for all future races. I can’t attest to that since I missed yesterdays race (and I am having to quit the series due to a running injury).

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Thanks and sorry to hear about your injury.

I don’t seem to be on their mailing list so don’t know if they’ve registered me (properly) or not.

The comms seems a little bit lacking on this one, but they’re probably busy trying to make it all work.

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I’m not sure how automated the whole results process is, so it may take some time for them to have the result processed. Last time, it took around a day for the results to be updated.