TFC Mad Monday Postponed

Firstly to all the teams and riders that have embraced what we’ve been trying to do with our Mad Monday series - a sincere thank you. We regularly enjoyed >300 riders across the different races and categories in a Monday night.

We hope we have brought something new the table with our split cat racing series encouraging much closer racing and space for everyone to be competitive even if you were at the bottom-end of you traditional category.

It is with great disappointment that we have to announce the indefinite postponement of our planned next series (was due to start last Monday). We had been hoping to start again last week with a private link series and we had > 20 teams signed up but despite initial endorsement, numerous emails later we have yet to get support from Zwift in programming the events even after we delayed by a week. If we start getting more support we will once again look to put a plan in place.

In the mean time we will continue running events in the slots we have been doing on a Monday night, but without the same results rigour or the same time dedicated to producing team results.

Best regards,
David, Nick & Team TFC


Hey @David_Mulholland_TFC, welcome to the forums.

Try renaming your club to WTRL, then maybe Zwift will support you? :wink:

Sorry, shouldn’t kick the dog…


See, this is your problem, You are kind and thoughtful to those who support you. Try being abrasive and dismissive and perhaps you’ll get better support from Zwift.


That’s not the answer but i get why people are so abrasive to Zwift as their development, support and communication is poor.

Anyway back on topic i’m really not sure what the future is for racing on Zwift when we can’t even get probably the best race series on Zwift setup with a few events.

@shooj @Wes @xflintx @Mark_Cote anyone able to help.

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It was a dig at the WTRL guy who is often very rude.


DM me, this is the first I’m hearing of this, David. Would love to hop on a call. I’d like to understand better that challenges and see what can be solved or not.



Happy to chat @Mark_Cote - not seeing how to DM on the forums but the events team have my email address - feel free to ping me there or on the Team TFC page on Facebook.

I really hope that you will find a viable solution. This is a really great race series and it does make a difference to the racing experience with split categories.
We have now been racing for two seasons of the series and we have had a good number of teammates participating. Everyone has enjoyed the racing across all categories and are looking forward for the next series to start.
I sincerely hope that Zwift will take this seriously and find a solution.
This is a race format there should be some more focus on as it creates more enjoyable and fair racing across all categories. It especially helps having private links as this helps sorting out people who get confused,(don’t read the event description) and enter a wrong category.

Dave and the rest of the team at TFC that help organise this great series are doing a lot to enhance the experience of Zwift for the benefit if the entire community.

Thanks Dave and TFC!

Best regards,

Marcel Moesgaard
Team Danish Zwift Racing


Click on Mark’s avatar, the message link is in the top right of the pop up.

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I just reached out - will touch base and see where we’ve missed on supporting. Hoping we can find a good solution here. Sorry for the challenges, David.