Another race series to end

Looks the Deeside and Thistle winter series is coming to an end due to Zwift/ZwiftPower being fundamentally ■■■■ after requests for a change of time due to BST kicking in here in the UK not being done and the organiser having to deal with the lack of tools available and people then focusing on things like wtrl and the ToW are which lessen the fields in community events.

ZHQ needs to be encouraging more organisers, not pissing off the existing ones and having them drop their series, but then its Zwift, they do not really care about community racing

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Yeah real shame, I’ve really enjoyed this series the last few years and there were the same faces each week. This is what the organiser said yesterday:

Due to the monumental F**up by Zwift, despite numerous requests failed to change the the time of the league event, the event went ahead one hour early. I have decided to void the results.

Also I have decided that this season will be the last season of the league. The overheads of running this race has become too much and Zwift too much of a pain to deal with. Also in the crowded space, competing with the likes of ZRL, this league is no longer attracting a consistent pool of riders.

If anyone else would like to take on admin of this race and league, please let me know. I can easily add you as an admin on ZwiftPower.
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What did I miss?

I posted in here (twice), the Team Manager Facebook group to be able to proactively change event times (I did a few hundred).

Are Deeside saying that their time change requests weren’t done? I worked both time zone change Sunday’s to ensure that all tickets were replied to within a 24 hour period.

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This seems (IMHO) a bit OTT.

I can only recall seeing one ticket from Deeside/Snow (that doesn’t mean there weren’t more) about a time change and that was yesterday. I certainly wasn’t made aware (and Jake definitely knows how to get in touch with me should he have wanted to) if something was urgent.

correct, the race went ahead at 18:25 not 19:25

jake doesn’t run this series of races unless you are getting mixed up

Possibly am getting mixed up but definitely haven’t seen anything that suggests something wen’t wrong (obviously something did).

I’ll reach out, I guess it’s Simon?

Yeah Simon Stromberg.

Thanks. I’ve left him a message.

Looking at the latest tickets, everything seems to have been done as requested so I’m not sure what’s gone on.

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I believe from the conversation Simon and I had, the series should continue.

He’s also now got a point of escalation if he needs anything urgently.


@James_Zwift would it be possible to set up a new race series? A couple of club mates and I would be keen for the next Zwift season.

Related to or completely unrelated to the rest of this thread?

Thanks James.
It’s this kind of attention and response that will carry Zwift.
Maybe some of this has always occurred and it’s just more visible.

People know issues will occur and they are willing to be patient if they feel someone is paying attention to the issues.
Fixing issues in secret is better than no fix but transparency and inclusion are best.


Well I suppose tangentially related in that we had said to Simon we’d be keen in taking it over if he wasn’t. Great that he is, but we’d be really keen in setting something up too.

I don’t have control over what is accepted into the racing calendar (this is @vanessafromzwift who may hit me for tagging her), but it’s probably unlikely that we would add a racing series from someone without any previous events to gauge popularity.

This isn’t me saying no - just trying to be realistic.

However if you have an idea that falls outside the norm we’d absolutely consider it.

Yeah no worries, cheers for the reply. We’ve got some good ideas, and if coupled with a decent time slot am sure we could make a decent fist of it.
@vanessafromzwift be appreciated if you could let me know if starting a new series in Autumn '22 is a possibility?


Drop me an email to and I’ll review it with Vanessa and see what we can do for you.

Let us know the core4 concept and then we can flesh it out a bit.

Normally we get about 24 hours notice so 5 months is quite refreshing :slight_smile:

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Will do cheers. Is it possible to outline what can and can’t be done / configured for your ‘vanilla’ event organisers that don’t have all the bells and whistles of WTRL? Or is this documented anywhere.
Be good to have an idea of that before we ask for moon on a stick…

The answer is practically whatever I like, within reason - some bikes aren’t available but pretty much everything is free game.

Happy to have a chat about it over Zoom/Messenger if that helps.

so the possibility exists then for elimination style races?

Not from an event creation point of view, no.