Tfc Szr high low end categories

I have been pushing B+ C+ categories for a year now in the zp forums.
Tfc started this a few weeks ago and now Szr is also.
Congratz to both of them !


I think its TFC that will also DQ cruisers and the likes regardless of ZP stats too. Agree, they (as others I’m sure are doing similar) are at least trying to make it interesting while we all wait for Zwift to sort out results based Cat racing (and enforcement).

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i have been racing tfc low B cats and it was a lot of fun. hard competition and a big group with attacks at the climbs. great fun.

sorry, but zwift itself will not change anything…

Sorry dean people have been talking about zwift changings for years…

Apologies all round it seems guys - let me rephrase that last sentence a tad …

[sarc-on] while we all wait for Zwift to sort out results based Cat racing (and enforcement) [sarc-off]

The point of my response however is to acknowledge the OP and encourage people to support some of the organisers that are doing racing a bit different to help us all.


Tfc monday series is great. Hopefully SZR will be as well but they need to move to a private setup to remove the sandbaggers. I really don’t get why Zwift don’t just block you entering wrong cats.

It would make Zwift racing so much better for all but they seem dead against it for some reason.