World change event ride didn't upload to Strava

I logged in earlier and joined New York.

I also signed up for the WSR ride. I didn’t realise it was on London.

Anyway, when I joined the pen I got transferred to London, and rode the hour-long event.

At the end I was given the choice of being moved back to New York, or staying in London. I stayed in London and selected End Ride.

However I didn’t get the dialog box to name my ride and upload it to Strava. The game just exited.

Sure enough, my 5km on New York had been uploaded, but no the WSR activity. It was there on my.Zwift so I was able to download it any upload it to Strava. Just mentioning it in case it’s not already a known issue.

Hey Daren, this may have been a network error? Could you send us a support conversation (if you haven’t already) and send us your log files for that ride if available?

Support Conversation Link:
How Do I Find my Log Files: