Workouts " The Wringer"

I have been doing some of the workouts and they are great. I’m getting dinged on the Wringer. I can get my Kurt Kinetic spun up and maintain the sprint but I loose my stars on the cool down between sprints because it takes to long to spin down. I can only get a full star if I brake. This should have a few seconds to spin down on it’s own before points are deducted. Thanks

Hey, Michael - 

When in workouts, Zwift already doesn’t count the first few sections of a block toward the total pass/fail ratio for precisely this reason. Unfortunately, some of the transitions can still be difficult to manage when going from a very high to a very low wattage, especially when using speed sensors (I’ve found that my JetBlack sensor especially likes to ‘hang’ on a wattage for up to seconds after I’ve changed my power output).

We are still tweaking workout mode, so I will raise the issue with our programmers to see if we can make further adjustments to help. In the meantime, you can always try my method - fail to hit the high wattage and be closer to the lower target when the rest interval starts. Cheers!

Just did my 1st try on The Wringer. Passed 7 (out of 12) x 415watt. Great work out. I am targeting to accomplish 12 (out of 12) within next two months.

I just did the Wringer this morning and I failed the majority of the segments. This is fine, I can keep working to improve. The issue is that I don’t get any feedback other than perfect, fail, or ok. Is there someplace that explains why I have failed? I don’t know how the segments are evaluated. For example, is the segment evaluated on;

  1. an average wattage output over the entire segment?

  2. the ratio of the time interval that I am within some range of the target wattage? (If so what is the range? Plus or minus 10%…?)


Any help would be appreciated, it is extremely frustrating to fail and not have feedback that indicates how I should adjust. Thanks! 


p.s. I am using a cadence and speed sensor only. 

Craig, i believe to achieve a star for a particular segment of the work out zwift would check whether you have hit the correct Wattage/power zone which would also include +/- Watts and for how long you have been in this zone. This is a similar approach to TrainerRoad and their workouts i have used (mainly sufferfest videos).

I have had to reduce the power by 5-8% whilst in the workout - just cant hit 470watts for 30 secs after the first couple of segments. I too failed to get a star for the recovery as it the kickr took ages to reduce its resistance down to the target recovery wattage.