Zwift workouts?

(Gus Heinze zTeam Type1) #1

First of all thank you for making the workouts in Zwift. I’m the type of person that really appreciates a workout schedule and the satisfaction of starting and completing the set workouts.


My question is, how do you do the gearing on the Zwift workouts?

For example, I did workout #3 for the Improving Beginner FTP.

I’m able to complete the warm-up, no problem 1/12 gold star.

Then I’m able to hold 125w for 5 mins at 90-100 rpm, 2/12 star.

Then it wants me to drop down to 90w for 2 mins and still hold 90-100rpm. If I drop to 90w I’m way below 90-100rpm and it tells me to increase my rpm. If I increase my rpm I’m above 115w and it tells me to decrease power. Ends up with FAILURE no gold star.

I was able to get it somewhat close, I was able to earn 1/2 a star by jump from the larger front chain-ring to complete the 125w 5min 90-100 rpm sections and then the smaller front chain ring to complete the 90w 2 min 90-100 sections.

I would like to know how to make it work so I can earn the 12/12 stars? Am I not doing something right? Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

If it matters I’m using a KickrSnap and I do the spindown and advanced spindown so it seems to be working properly outside of the workouts (i.e. riding normally on Zwift). When I do the Zwift workouts I do have the box checked for use ERG mode. I’m not sure what exactly that means, but it’s checked so I leave it that way.


Thanks again,


(Gus Heinze zTeam Type1) #2

If anyone else is having this issue, I think I stumbled on a “fix”.


Similar to shifting with Shimano and having to pause your power or pedal stroke to allow the derailleur to adjust I think you have to do the same thing in Zwift to allow your power trainer to adjust the ERG.


Today I road again on the training plan and this time when it made it to the end of section I stopped pedaling. When it said apply more power I started pedaling again. This time I was able to get 11/12 stars. The only reason I didn’t get 12/12 was I had 2 breaks in the pedaling so I’m good with that.


Hope this helps the next person. RIDE ON!