A few bits of feedback

  1. Wattage sampling in workout

I was keeping a fairly constant 81 cadence and the wattage seemed to the jumping all over the place (this is zpower) making it very hard to settle into a constant rhythm. The averaging period seems too short here.

  1. Weird screen effects in workout

To be honest this was unexpected, unwelcome, and distracting - I have a newish laptop and thought my graphics card had unilaterally declared 3D mode. An option to turn off such things would be useful (and really, even knowing it isn’t a problem I don’t like it).

  1. Need average watts per segment

Very hard to workout how well you are doing (the rolling graph at the bottom helps a little but in the GUI some indication would be good.

  1. Please please please let me turn of the music when logging in

This is a taste thing, but I always leap for the mute button as the happy little tune just grates.

  1. Exit app on saving a ride

When I save a ride the application exits - I’m not sure if this is intentional or not, but it is slightly disconcerting as I’d like to review what I had done (and there are not any suitable tools on the web page - Strava seems to be the tool of recommendation here).

  1. Estimated FTP on first ride very high

I think the highest I’ve been is about 250 ish, I’m probably significantly less at the moment at maybe 220 (trying to get fitter after illness basically) - you estimated 307. I’m scrupulously honest on the zpower thing - 110psi on the wheel and 2 1/4 turns to tighten the roller on the wheel of the Kurt Kinetic.

A good product with lots of potential and with workout mode a bit more info and it’ll be great. I am looking forward to the alien worlds expansion and cycling on Mars (well, it’s possible…). Anyone else for Olympus Mons?

Regarding the weird screen effects - I did the fitness test today for the first time, and the screen goes blurry as you’re grinding through certain sections. Obviously this is intentional, and I kind of like it, but it’s TOO blurry. If you reduced the blurriness by about 40% I think I’d be okay with it.


Point 1 - I agree, Zwift in all areas be it workout or free ride needs the ability to set power smoothing over 3, 5 and 10 seconds at the minimum.

Point 2 - I personally like the effects and hope they stay.

Point 5- I’d also like to see the ability to simply save my ride to Strava but not exit, I would like to go take a look at anything I have unlocked without having to exit the application and then reload it.


I agree on point 5 and would like to add to this could you please log me in again without asking for my password. I’m using OS X.

To me the whole interface (menus, dashboard) is confusing and not very consistent. In some screens you need the x button to close the window and in some windows you need to use the cancel button. Why not have OS menuitems to go to the different settings. Keyboard shortcuts should be just what the word says, shortcuts to options you would normally enter from an OS menu or onscreen menu.