Zwift Companion app First Impression.

Thanks guys, fantastic job.

I like the overall look and the power meter showing the desired range is a nice touch.

As with all new things there will be questions and suggestions.

Suggestion: Can we have power averaging as in the game?

Suggestion: I do miss the option to give ride-ones to those around me when im on workout page as supposed to the Map window, can we have a similar option in  the workout page?

Question: Why don’t I have the Incline adjustment (I do realize my trainer does not have an ERG option but it can adjust incline, I currently use the +and-  or the buttons on the map page)


Thanks for all the improvements. 

it’s great to hear that the new version reduces dropouts (rare for me to get through a ride without ZML dropping out). I also really like the sound or the new workout screen. Unfortunately this will be of no use to me. The new Zwift Companion is not compatible with my phone (Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 running Android 4.2.2).

I use my tablet for zwiftgps (much better than the built-in zwift map) so I guess I won’t see any benefit of the mobile app until I get around to upgrading my phone sometime in the future. I can’y justify just for Zwift Companion.

I agree with @Gerrie that it is nice to see desired power range within the companion, so that I know it I am being asked to hold 200W, I can see clearly if I am in range and will get my star. However, I have 1 problem with it…

I was doing Jon’s Mix yesterday to test it, and while most of the target powers had a range as per above, when I got the the 10 minute segments holding 90% FTP, the range was non existent. I was being asked to hold 185W with the thinnest of green lines for the range. If I was doing 183W I was told to increase power in the companion app, and if doing 186W I was told to reduce power. However, this was only in the app, and there was no similar corresponding prompt in the main Zwift app itself. It only asked me to increase or decrease when I was about 10% away from the desired power.

So, I think there is a little inconsistency between the companion and main app, and between workout segments and the “range” in the companion app.

Steven I think you see that because the ZC app does not do power smoothing so it sees the spikes. 

Gerrie, in other workout blocks in the same ride, I was given a range indicator (per your screenshot), and I could ride about 10W either side of the required power without getting the “increase” or “decrease” message. But there were other workout blocks as I mentioned where the range was prerry much 0W and if I didn’t hit 185W perfectly, the companion app would moan to increase or decrease, but the main Zwift app didn’t. And I don’t think it has to do with power smoothing, as I do not have that setting on.

I can’t remember that mine did that, but I will take a look the next time I do a workout.


Used the updated ios Zwift companion for the first time and it was not very responsive for some reason?  Took multiple touches to get any gestures to work if at all.

When are we going get an iPad version or at least one that works in landscape?

I just rode a workout today with the new companion app installed but still got the old dashboard view. Is there a setting I need to change to get the new workout view?

(Riding on Tacx NEO)