Workout TSS-Value not exported to Garmin Connnect?

Dear all!

New Zwift user here! Soo, I’ve been using Suunto as my sports-related database for years. Since starting with Zwift, I use the workaround described in this forum to get my Zwift-data there (autom. Zwift>Garmin Connect sync and then using SyncMyTracks to Suunto).

However it’s starting to show that the Suunto platform handles virtual cycling data poorly (e.g. no cadence or power data and no correct sport category :frowning: )

Thinking about switching over to Garmin Connect I saw today, that the TSS-value is indeed shown in Zwift at the end of the workout, but is not populated in the data field in Garmin Connect.
Is there anything that can be done about that?

Bonus question: What are your thoughts on having real world GPS data in virtual racing? While I think it’s kinda cool, it also ruins the data integrity a tiny bit :stuck_out_tongue: could this be turned off and still keep distance & elevation information?

Thank you much for your input & have a wonderful day