TSS and IF to Garmin Connect plus other issues

My Zwift rides sync to Garmin Connect, Training Peaks, and Strava. TP and Strava give me all sorts of extra info, which I assume they calculate themselves, however, I do no get TSS and IF in Garmin Connect despite Zwift displaying it at the end of a ride. I usually run TrainerRoad along side Zwift to record data there, and it sends data to Garmin Connect including TSS and IF. I prefer to keep the Zwift data because it has elevation and route data (much cooler than just watts, cadence and HR), but the lack of TSS and IF is frustrating. I know it is calculated by Garmin data from its devices (I also run my 520 alongside, but delete the workout and keep Zwift as well). I also understand that some of this is an issue for Garmin to address - but if you’re not including TSS and IF in the workout file, it can be fixed from your end. Finally, there is something weird about the Zwift workout file that keeps Garmin as recognizing it as an activity that counts towards intensity minutes or exports to MyFittnessPal until I go in a manually edit a bit of data (I usually add the average temp, just to get it to work), then it is recognized as a full-fledged activity by Garmin. Exporting workouts from anywhere else - either manually or automatically - does not have this issue.

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I was also curious why Zwift rides show no TSS or IF in Garmin Connect.  I wanted to start using my Weekly TSS instead of time to keep a consistent level of training but it’s not available…


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Zak - give trainingpeaks a try - it gives you more info than you can imagine and lets you track your workouts just like you say. I like Garmin Connect for its easy, pretty interface, but they tie the data it provides to the products of theirs you own (higher end products, more data in the software). TrainingPeaks will let you monitor your TSS, fatigue, form and overall fittness level. Using TrainingPeaks has enabled me to figure out when I’m training too hard or not hard enough - it’s like a digital coach. Strava can do this as well. Both require their premium subscriptions to give you access to all the analysis. In my opinion, TrainingPeaks gives you a better analysis, but Strava has great social features - so it depends on what you’re after. I currently use both, but may move away from Strava as I’m not super social, though I do like being able to compare my performances to their large user base.

I second John on Training Peaks, etc.  Garmin Connect is really just a bridge between my watch (when using it for swimming and outdoor training) and TP.  Also mildly useful for the day-to-day stuff like steps, if you’re into that.

 I also like that they seem to be working alongside zwift - I’ve still got my fingers crossed that an easy TP to zwift run workout builder is coming.

Thanks John,  I think I’m going to take your advice and activate TrainingPeaks.  I did a trial account some time ago but didn’t have time to evaluate it before it expired.  I have been auto-uploading from my Garmin/Strava/Zwift to them but need a membership to analyze it. 

Currently have a Zwift & a Strava Premium subscription.  But, thinking about it, there are three reasons I pay for the Strava premium.  The main reason was initially just to support their company because I liked what they were doing.  I’ve found that beside that I like to look at the Power Curves the “Fitness & Freshness” chart.  If Training peaks covers those features I might let that subscription go when it expires this summer and stick with the free features. 

Feel a little silly having heaps of cycling subscriptions as a recreational cyclist but think I can rationalize having a couple. :)  Zwift is definitely on the Keep side.  Also want to give TrainerRoad a whirl.  …I wish all this cycling goodness was around back in the day when I had more time… Thanks for the advice.  


The analysis tools in TP are light years beyond what Strava has available, I think you’ll be happy, once you learn your way around. I let my Premium subscription lapse and pushed that spend over to Strava.

That said, it’s still annoying that TSS doesn’t show up when X-posting to Garmin Connect. It’s obvious Zwift can calculate it as it’s shown in the workout summary. I’m not sure if this is a Zwift issue or an issue in the API on Garmin Connect’s end.