FTP, TSS & IF Display

What: Ability to enter FTP in profile and then display TSS, IF, NP during the ride…

Why: I currently run my Garmin 510 alongside Zwift to display the above info when gauging the effort for a prescribed workout, would be great to have this in Zwift and not need to use my Garmin.


I add:
It could be great to add the related data after finnishing the KOM, sprint or lap.

The ability to crete laps with a button in the mobile app.

+1 - also add option to display power averaging for 3 and 10 seconds.

Another vote for cumulative TSS displayed in mileage/time display area or make available in Zwift Mobile Link. I often train with a planned TSS and like Cliff (OP) I have to use my bike computer to do so. 

How has this thread not had more comments?? Zwift workouts are a great addition to the platform, but how can you legitimately train with this if you can’t display basic fields that you need and do see on your Garmin.  In my opinion, without TSS and NP, you can’t use Zwift alone as your training tool.  You have to run a simultaneous device or use another solution like TrainerRoad for training and Zwift for novelty.


So +1

+1 for TSS display during ride. That would be great when I have a TSS goal for the workout, but am using the “just ride” mode in zwift.