If display

Hi all does anyone know of an option to display IF or TSS whilst in the middle of a work out so it can be managed during that work out
Thank you

Use a separate bike computer, such as a Garmin or Wahoo.

And vote for the feature request to display this inside Zwift rather than having to have a low-power external computer to see your intensity factor, etc.

Sorry Steve for being a dumba*! I’m quite new to this an don’t quite understand have u a link with instructions on how to do this as I’m only Zwift if approx 1 month Is it a case of switching on my garmin and searching for it in the pairing section then making the selection from there ?

many thanks

He posted that link so you can add your vote to it, since at the moment there is no way to display IF or TSS on screen while you ride.

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Ok apologies Paul thanks for the explanation

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Many “outdoor” bike computers such as Garmin Edge devices allow you select what metrics you want to see on the display, including intensity factor. Zwift has not yet provided for our PCs, Macs, iOS and Android computers to do the same.

As seen on Ray Maker’s blog: