Calculate and use CTL with training programs

With the increasing integration with Strava it would be nice if Zwift were able to ‘see’ the other activities that we do on Strava and use them to keep track of a rough CTL (Chronic Training Load) to help dial workouts so we don’t cook ourselves on Watopia. 

This would both be useful to those who ride and run outside, but would also encourage people like me to upload more data into Strava for things like commutes which are regular and should be considered when calculating how long my ‘real’ workouts should be.

This would be useful, but I’d be happy with just adding the current TSS for a given ride to the display somewhere. I generally know what my current CTL is and, especially for endurance rides, I’m usually aiming for a specific TSS for the ride. As it is now I have to have my Garmin running along with Zwift so I know how much I’ve done and when to stop.