TSS status

Like to provide a suggestion. Along with mileage, time, and verticals elevation, can Zwift add a current TSS score for the workout?
It would be incredibly helpful for those that work with Traing Peaks and use TSS as a metric


Zwift does display TSS on their summary screen at the end of the ride. And TrainingPeaks shows the TSS on their summary for each ride uploaded from Zwift to them.

But having that live TSS while riding would be useful for a good portion of Zwifters. It’s a common field available on GPS bike  computers and the PCs and Macs and mobile devices capable of running Zwift are capable of computing TSS on the fly.

In general, we should have a customizable HUD, just as bike computer displays can be customized. Give us three fields, or five, or whatever, and let us each choose which metric we want displayed in each field (or nothing at all for the minimalists).

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