TSS counter

I use Zwift as a way to complete my training schedule during the winter months despite the bad weather. I ride group rides and after that ride I would like to continue riding to achieve my desired TSS number for that given day.

Is it possible to add a TSS counter with the time and KM counter to see how many training stress the ride gave me so far? At this point I need to gamble on my training stress but my compulsive nature regarding my schedule is not allowing me to have less TSS then needed. I know this might not appeal to everyone but it might be an option people can turn on in the settings?

You can see it but it’s somewhat hidden: Go through the normal End Ride process to where you can see your TSS score and other ride stats. But instead of “Save”, hit the little back arrow (it’s on the lower-left on the Apple TV) and you go right back to riding. I keep pedaling through this process as the ride keeps recording the whole time.

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Thanks, I did not think about that. I thought about using my edge 510 since the power source of my Zwift is a standalone powermeter so with ant+ I am able to connect it to multiple items. I can then see my TSS on my edge whilst zwifting.

But hence the TSS is already implemented it’s fairly easy to add it to the HUD I think. Would help allot.

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