Finding TSS after workout

Does anyone know if there is a way to find your TSS after a workout has been completed. I usually screenshot the workout summary screen, but missed it this morning and am interested in knowing my TSS from the ZA workout 2

Hey Byron,

See if this will help you:


Hi Bob

Thanks but I guess I’m trying to find the ride report & TSS after the event if you close it without screenshotting first

Yeah, sorry. The only other way I know to access the data you are interested in through a subscription service like Strava, Today’s Plan, or equivalent.
If you are signed up for Zwift Academy 2019 you will have gotten a free trial to Today’s Plan for the duration of the 2019 program. Today’s Plan certainly covers the data in question.

Thanks Bob - I’ll have a look

Register with trainingpeaks, download the app and connect it with Zwift. You will get your tss etc on the app after it uploads from Zwift.

Most of your workout or ride stats can be seen in your ‘Activities’ feed in the Zwift Companion app. (Click on the activity, then swipe left on the map to see power/cadence/HR data, zone data, etc.)

TSS isn’t captured, but you can see the predicted number of stress points for any workout on

That said, I don’t track my TSS as reported by Zwift. Instead, I look at Training Load, Intensity, and Relative Effort weekly totals in Strava.

You can use the Free Elevate addon for google chrome to track your TSS.

I use goldencheetah to track all my training on zwift and outside.

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+1 for Elevate - I only use Strava premium when someone offers up a free month or two so I use Elevate for a consistent view of training effort. Havent tried other services people have mentioned but if you are already using Strava, give Elevate a go.

Thanks everyone for your advice and suggestions