Where can I find my TSS score after my ride is done?

Does anyone know how to access TSS for previous rides? Many thanks!

I don´t think you can access it after you quit the app (please correct me if I´m wrong). I´ve made myself a habit of doing a screenshot after every ride:


Thanks Kerstin! I suspected but wanted to checking I wasn’t missing anything. I’ve tried to use an online TSS calculator with data from the ride, but your solution is better!! Many thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

You can see Strava’s equivalent to TSS if you sync your rides there.

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Not to sure what to make of their effort number. If I recall , it is based on your heart rate rather than the TSS which is based on you FTT

Why not just get a free training Peaks account and sync it with Zwift. It will automatically tell you what your TSS is? You then have an online record.

If you install the Strava sauce plugin you can see your tss and it track very good with Zwift (i didn’t try to see witch is more accurate.)

but if you always use one of them you should able to accurately track TSS.


Many thanks to all. Great advice! I wasn’t aware training peaks was free. Shall try it!

Intervals.icu is also a free option, with lots of data and analysis.

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