Strava query

Hi Guys. My zwift rides upload to Strava no problem. The problem is regarding all zwift rides on strava giving me a training score of 0. This negatively skews all my data. Any ideas how to fix it?

Have you entered your FTP value into Strava?

Thanks for replying. Yes, FTP is entered in strava. Any other ideas?

Wearing HR monitor? Mine show zero when no HR.

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I get a accurate TSS score even if I don’t have a HR strap.

As you can see, I do get a score in individual session however it doesn’t appear to transfer. No clue how to fix

Gerrie, is the image you posted a data summary from Strava?

I don’t seem to get anything as useful as that from mine. Am I missing something :blush:?

It is the Strava sause or the strava elevate plugin that adds that data.

Sorry I have both installed so I never know which one does what. :thinking::joy:

That looks like Elevate plugin extra data to me, been a user since Stravistix days.

How did you get it for mobile devices? I can’t seem to get sauce or elevate on any android browser.

Only on the pc.

Never even heard of “sauce” or “elevate” :laughing:

Are these authorised Strava add-ons or 3rd party? I primarily use Strava on my pc (very rarely on my phone) and this data would be nice to have. Thanks.