TSS Recorded for Each Ride / Race / Workout

Currently, I believe you are given a TSS upon completion of a workout. It would be nice to have this upon completion of every activity recorded in Zwift. Furthermore, would be even better if the TSS was recorded and displayed with each activity in Companion App - would be good to sort through activities and TSS’s.

Hi @Thomas_Edwards: you can see your TSS for Rides and workouts after the ride. Just scroll to Timeline.


Cool, didn’t know this. Is the TSS recorded anywhere so we can view again once ride report disappears from screen?

Not that I know off. You can get it in Strava is you install “Elevate for Strava”.

I track my TSS with “Golden cheetah” it is free.


Hi Thomas,
I like your idea.
It would be great to have Zwift put all the available ride metrics on the
companion app for viewing after we have recovered from the ride.
Thumbs up on that one.

Ride On

Sorry to necro this post, but I’m looking for this feature a year later.

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