Can TSS be placed on the mainscreen?

Dear all,

I have come back to cycling from a long lay off to find some significant and welcome changes. One is Zwift, it has revolutionised my workout sessions. I love it!

The other is TSS, which has controlled my workload through intensity and has accurately told me when I need to rest. I rely heavily on this metric and trust it.

I would find it very informative if it could be placed on the mainscreen alongside, cadence, heart rate and power. I find it that important. It would maybe introduce other to this “guiding star” of training.

Can you make this come true. What are others thoughts?


It would be great to have that but until the long awaited but delayed UI changes we won’t have it (and possibly not even then). If I remember correctly there’s a way of finding it out by starting to exit a session but backing out. But very much a hack. Can’t find the link to explain. You could also run a Garmin or similar device with a TSS widget.

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Not really a hack, LOL

But while riding you click on Menu then end ride, there you will see your TSS then you click the back button and you will be back to the menu screen then Back and you are back to the game.

A bit of a hassle I know.

But if you select a training session you can see the TSS for the workout.

For free rides it gets a bit more tricky, but you learn to gauge it, for every hour in Z2 (blue) I get about 50 TSS. If you ride at your FTP for a hour you should get 100 TSS.


It’s only during a training session, not just an unstructured ride.

I think it would be excellent if it wasn’t a hack and was placed on the front page. You will know when to stop without scrolling through other screens.

But if it’s a training session as you mentioned above this isn’t needed as it would be redundant. Zwift tells you the TSS for that training session (from their plans) before you ride and sites like TrainingPeaks show the TSS for a workout as well in the calendar. So this information is available to you already

Edit: and if it’s a free ride it shouldn’t be adding to much to your TSS to begin with. Most free rides within a structured training plan aren’t supposed to be done at high intensity zones.

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I have asked for this myself. Probably the most useful metric there is for managing training and you have to go through hoops to find it. Dont understand why.

As far as knowing what the training session TSS score is the actual score and predicted score can be quite different.

My two cents.

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I completely agree. I like to do a free ride, but TSS counts for every activity. I have email Zwift to assist, maybe you could ask the same? I don’t believe it needs to take up much room either.