Activity metrics/map cleanup

I have two suggestions:

1 - a cleanup/addition of metrics in activity files post activity. Things like TSS aren’t shown in activities after syncing to Garmin etc, but shows at the end of the ride on Zwift. There’s no manual way to add in TSS into Garmin Connect (and I’m sure this applies across other platforms like TrainingPeaks), so it would be great if that was transferred across in the fit file. Other things that could be included in that file data would be intensity factor, training effect and perhaps other performance data taken from external sensors (e.g. if the power meter provides L/R power percentages, or time standing vs. seated etc.). It is noted that some of these may be subject to licensing - but clearly Zwift has TSS (and perhaps IF goes with it) licensing that can be included.

2 - there’s some places on the map that really need to be cleaned up. For example, in NY there’s a tree that grows straight through the middle of one of the upper roadways - the avatar goes straight through the middle of the tree. In Watopia heading up towards the base of the Alpe, there’s a boulder that sticks out onto the road, and the avatar’s shoulder sometimes goes through it.

FYI - TrainingPeaks shows TSS for Zwift rides.

Hmm okay interesting. Garmin doesn’t, I wonder if it’s a coding issue on Zwift’s end or Garmin’s end

IIRC TSS algorithm is copyrighted/trademarked or whatever by TrainingPeaks. Other platforms created (Strava) their own algorithm to closely mirror TSS but it isn’t the same.

As for Training Effects and L/R power balance these are proprietary to Garmin (since they acquired FirstBeat) so only activities recorded on a Garmin device will show your Training Effect score.