Workout Refresh [October 2023]

Here’s some food for consideration. I would like to see us able to add subfolders to the Custom directory. That is, I want to click on Custom, then the first thing is that I’d see some subfolders. For example, some people are probably going to import the 4 Week FTP Boost workout. Personally, I don’t use Zwift’s workouts, but I would organize my custom workouts into Sweet Spot, Threshold, and VO2max.

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You already can if you access and edit your workouts from the in game workout tab.

You just need to ‘Tag Your Workout’ with the name of the subfolders you want.



I have my first 100km event early next year. I have been looking at plans to follow, and Your First Century seems to be mentioned a lot on the web.
Obviously this now no longer available in the app but i have downloaded the Zip file as directed and copied the relevant file over to the appropriate Zwift folder. On opening the app (numerous times) the structure is wrong.

There are seven days but numerous entries for each day. For instance,day 1 has ten separate entries.

Any help in resolving this would be greatly appreciated. I do not want to pay money for a training plan from elsewhere.

all of us who train have the same problem. the solution is to find your plan here www.whatsonzwift . it’s in the right shape

I’m sorry to say but I don’t think the files can be downloaded in the correct order. There is much discussion further up this thread.

One way to see the correct order is mentioned in this thread above and then further explained over the subsequent 15-20 posts. But I think the end result is that if you want them in order you have to rename them all in a format which is numerical/alphabetical - probably too time consuming.

What’s on Zwift offers a good facility for looking at workouts and workout collections. I think if you use this link it should take you straight to Your First Century and show you the order of each week’s workout and confirm when rest days should be taken. At first glance of your screenshot you will have to use the workout duration to tell the difference between all those Day 1s.

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If we are all stuck with the current system (although I’d still like to get the simple list back), then when someone clicks on a workout, it would be really awesome if the thumbnail of the workout actually had hover areas that showed the demands attached to the intervals. (Also having something more than ‘2.5/5’ would be a little more specific and way more useful)

And one an issue that I have had for years (and probably will continue) is that when I open (edit) some workouts, the editor subtracts 5 seconds from one, or many ‘intervals’. (It seems to be drawn to changing the Intervals groups for some reason) It is very frustrating when I have to check that all the intervals are even minutes, and not 0:55, or 1:55. Sometimes it does it to multiple intervals, and to the second intervals in repeating Interval blocks. It makes no sense in what causes it, but it seems to be older workouts for some reason, and I have to check the workout before I save it, and then check it before I start riding it. It seems to be the first non-warmup intervals that get ‘touched’.

Is there something I should look for in the actual local files to stop this annoying bug from happening? I fought with one particular complicated workout that every time I opened it, various intervals were ‘touched’, and it was often more than one at a time. Extremely annoying!


Many thanks for this @Ian_Attoe . I appreciate it.

I’m taking the long route and editing each workout…

Edit - Two hours later (whilst watching NFL) and its done.

Put them on GitHub and crowdsource the renaming work? Maybe there should be a community supported workout repository. People could also correct other mistakes in the workouts and everyone benefits.


The new In-App Workout screen is terrible. I have a large number of custom workouts, all of which were tagged with keywords to easily find the right one. The tabular format also made it fast to scroll through a large number of them.

In the newest update the workouts are only in tile format and at the most you can see 8 on the screen. There is no way of sorting them alphabetically or by duration. The keywords appear to have completely disappeared. And there is no quick search/filter function available.

Please work on this. Bring back the keywords/tags, implement a convenient filter/search function, and give an option to display the workouts in table format (rather than as tiles).


Quite a few others are asking for the same things. Hopefully Zwift will make some workout facility improvements in future game updates.

For now try this workaround:

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Thank you, Ian. This worked.

I worry though that it is just a matter of time that the in-game workout selection screen will get replaced by the terrible new interface. :frowning:

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Another tip: You may organize your custom workout files not only by tagging but by putting them into subfoulders in C:\Users<YourName>\Documents\Zwift\Workouts<YourZID>, e.g. VO2max, SweetSpot, LIT, etc. By jumping on the CustomWorkout page into the tiles representing folders, it is easier to navigate through a bigger number of WOs.

→ Though I liked the old tabular listing much more than those tiles, the new design is “ok” for me - if the mouse over function and an adjustable FTP is implemented… I fear, this will take some time knowing about Zwifts speed in bug solving and listening to that handful of crazy workout freaks :upside_down_face:

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I currently have 253 custom workouts, so I’m a freak? I suppose so. I was actually surprised at the number to be honest. Many are altered standard workouts, and some are created from TR, Peloton friends, and books. I have just found workouts ‘better’. I can work what I want, and expand on existing workouts too. It’s fun…

:sunglasses: Yes, you are! You’ll need nearly one year to run every single WO…

Here its ca. 130, including many “old” ones - maybe thirty files are necessary to cover structural training and some fun?!

Zwift clearly has focus on developing gaming and main stream features in order to stay ahead of the pack of cycling apps. You, me too, they already got us :joy:

I just realized there is another workaround.

Just go the the workout screen and click on ‘Plans’:

This gets you back to the the original familiar interface:

And if you then select the ‘workouts’ tab on top you get back to the tabular list of custom workouts:


For some reason creating custom collections (by just placing ZWO files into a subfolder in my Workouts folder didn’t work for me. I can’t find this new collection anywhere. Is there something that I’m missing?

I once had to fully delete the workout folder, sync the empty one, put the files back and sync again…

My custom workouts view in Zwift and the corresponding directory:

2023-11-06 22_52_32-Window

Vielen Dank. Ich versuche es nochmal.

Und natuerlich bin ich neugierig warum du einen ‘BMW’ tag in Zwift hast. :smiley:


… schaffe bei diesem Verein in der Zentrale - wir organisieren im Winter meetups im kleineren Kreis, im Trupp im Takt zu kurbeln macht noch mehr Laune als alleine …

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