Workouts - Workaround which might help

Following the recent game update users may be struggling with having lost some of the workouts functionality which they previously enjoyed.

Thanks to the workaround (which many may not find or read) from @Jon_Wakefield

“*The workaround for now is to select workouts while already riding in game - from the option menu - this is still in the previous style where you can hover over each interval block.”

This workaround takes you to a screen and functionality that many are used to:

FTP slider works
Hover or click segments works
Create your own or edit works
(Unfortunately the workouts list is in new format rather than the old one )

I have tested on Laptop and iPad and functionality appears the same as before the recent game update.

[Of course you don’t actually have to be ‘riding’ in game as you can skip the pairing option and review everything from the comfort of your own sofa, but you do need to select a ride or workout as if you were going to ride. If you select the workout you are thinking about doing later you can quickly and easily see the effect on each segment when changing your FTP on the slider.]

Thanks for the mention and clear screenshots @Ian_Attoe. Glad you found the workaround and by highlighting it, our posts will help others … while hopefully the functionality to include this ‘hover over’ (and really hopefully my other suggestions) on the new style screens is being worked and and implemented. :pray:
Cheers! :+1:

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