Cannot select workout in training program

Im using latest Zwift vetsion as of date on Windows 10 Laptop.

I think a bug has been introduced recently.

I can no longer select a specific workout in a week when doing a training program.

Im currently on week 2 of ftp builder. If i try and select a workout other than that highlighted then when i try and click workout at the bottom of the screen the selected focus always jumps to the bottom workout. It’s extremely annoying.

The only way ive worked out how to select a workout in the week is to go back to the main screen select workouts and then ftp builder where you get a view of the complete workout. Select the week then select the workout.

Whilst zwift is great generally when it works the main UIs are at best poor.

For example ive never been able to work out how to pair devices from the main screen. You have to start an activity and then go to menu pairing.