No XP for workout segments using Minimal UI

(Mike Kelly) #1

This is more of an FYI since it is not a supported feature yet, but when I use ZwiftPrefs to edit my preferences file to use the Minimal UI setting (no on-screen stats), the companion app does not show any stars for completing workout segments. If I go back to a standard UI, it works fine.

(John Hallas ) #2

Is that a bug or just a ‘misuse’ of functionality.
Could the developers be reasonably expected to test for users editing the prefs file

PS Does it give you better FPS by removing the on-screen stats or is there another reason for doing it?

(Mike Kelly) #3

I agree. Hopefully my expectations were made clear in the first sentence of the post. They have been talking about this as a future enhancement for a while now, and since bugs are cheaper to fix earlier in the development cycle, I wanted to pass along the info. I use the setting sometimes along with camera angle #3 and all other riders turned off. With a large monitor in 4K ultra, it is a nice way to ride without all the distractions. All my stats are sitting on my handlebars via the companion app, which is the core use case of the feature.

(David K) #4

I’m really sorry, but we don’t support the use of hacks with Zwift. If segment stars work without the hack, but don’t work with it, my only suggestion would be to stop using the hack. If we do consider officially adding a no-UI option in the future, we’ll ensure segment stars still work.

(Mike Kelly) #5

Thanks for the follow-up Dave. I had no expectation of Zwift supporting the feature or fixing the issue. I just wanted to give you a head start on your acceptance test suite if you happen to move this feature into production at some time in the future.