Allow workout completion if you skip rest/cooldown

Hi there. Sometimes I just don’t have time for a 5-10 min warm down after a workout, or I’m about to do a second workout in the same session.

If you swipe right on the companion app to skip that segment, the workout doesn’t get recorded as completed.

I’d like to see that if you skip any of the rest periods or cooldown, the workout is still completed.

Anyone else?

You can skip segments and still get credited for a competed workout provided you complete over 75 or 80% of the total workout. (Can’t remember which it is exactly).

Are you skipping more than this or is it one particular workout that’s the issue?

There have been issues over the years with workouts not being credited, normally as part of events & training plans.

Thanks Stuart.

No, I’m definitely skipping less than that and it never seems to credit for me. Has happened multiple times. Most recently on one in Week 1 training plan with a workout called something like Desidev.

You might need to drop support an email to see if they can credit you for the missing workouts if this is going to effect your training plan completion.

I’m not 100% sure but it looks like your most recent Devedeset in Watopia workout ride, 9th July, didn’t save correctly. Under normal circumstances when one of your activities saves it includes screenshots, PRs, Badges etc, it doesn’t this time.

I wonder if this is an activity saving issue rather than a skipping workout segment issue?

Thanks Ian - it’s happened a few times so I’ll keep an eye on the saving issue and contact support if it recurs. Good to know it IS a feature that Zwift has enabled.