Workout Refresh [October 2023]

Seems to have been raised before and I raised it again also…

Yes, you are right. The workouts in this plan are not in the correct order. This will be fixed in version 1.53.

Not being able to see the watts of a workout interval and only zones is a bit of a blunder it was a lot better before knowing what exactly I was getting into before starting a workout. Hopefully this can be reverted.

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Yes, this will also be added in version 1.53


Will it also be possible for AppleTV users as we never could even in the previous version?

Wonderful news, thank you good sir.

As a programmer, I tried to be ‘elegant’, and also ‘simplistic’. Sometimes the best solution is an old-style list.

The new Custom Workout pages are so ‘phone like’. I really miss the list. I can see multiple workouts at once in the list, and by clicking on them, can get the details. Now, I have to scroll through the list three across, six at a time, and then select a workout to only see that one workout and it fills the whole screen. I liked the list. I liked the detail shown on that listed page.

Now the programmers have added more time into the process to find a workout. Be simple, don’t be cartoonish and make the whole process look like it’s on a tablet.

Can I have the old way back? Can it be a choice for users to make? Almost all I do are custom workouts. Can we keep it simple, please. This new setup is too simple. I have a lot of custom workouts. Bring back the list UI, please…


No, unfortunately it’s not possible. With the Apple TV remote you cannot do the same as with a pointing device like a computer mouse/trackpad or the fingers in a mobile screen.

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1.53??? what??? we are still at 1.51. you made an unnecessary update, you have ruined our training and you will fix it someday.

The ‘hover over’ is still possible via the old style screen while in game @Vasilios_Pantazis … use this workaround for now:

Thanks for the replay. Hopefully at some point we can get something similar to what they show at What’s on Zwift, a graph, zone breakdown and a step-step list of blocks.


What the long wait? Seriously, should never have occurred. Also Companion app needs to have it fixed also.

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Hey all - gonna ask everyone to take a breath and mind your tone.

The hostility aimed at my Zwift HQ colleagues is not acceptable. The product leads and engineers working on this project choose to engage our forum community directly for feedback. They’re not obliged to stick around if the forum becomes toxic,

This team is working every day to improve it. A project of this magnitude takes time to get right. We thank you in advance for your patience as we get the workout refresh to a place we think you’ll be satisfied with it.


you try to fix something that worked and everyone was happy because it worked. after your unnecessary upgrade, you ruined our training. we have to go to whatsonzwift to do something right.


Mine is just rather quiet-ish frustration. Having been a programmer, I know that ‘we’ sometimes fix things that worked fine, and then users are frustrated. Many people are likely to say ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’, but there are reasons to ‘fix’ things. But allowing people a choice of what they want to use, if possible/feasible, might be the better option. The new pages look good, but using them with over 100 custom workouts is burdensome.

And people attacking the staff is ridiculous. It’s not their fault. People’s fuses have gotten shorter and anger erupts and bad behavior foams all over the place. People need to get a grip, and make their case without attacking people, and if they can’t deal with it, move on. Zwift isn’t the only app. I’m hoping to not have to leave. Let me know if we can get the list back. Thanks…

Be good to each other. It’s only a training app. Hostility isn’t necessary.


They didn’t ruin my training and I’ve been doing nothing but workouts for 12 weeks.

Just in case people think you’re somehow speaking for everyone.

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Good for you . I did the 4 wk PRL pre because in September I had races and the change destroyed me. luckily whatsonzwift saved me.

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I’m picturing someone doing 12 weeks continuously working out - that sounds tough, I mean you have to take a break to eat or sleep at some point! :slight_smile:

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Sleep is for losers. :joy:


This doesn’t work On my iPad. Clicking the workout takes you straight to the workout. How do you do it on an iPad