Workout Refresh [October 2023]

This is such a huge bummer. I wonder how Zwift is collecting data from users to inform changes?

I loved the old organization and am not sure why I have to pay to download and then upload the workouts as this feels really tedious.

Would it be possible for Zwift to have an alternate library in which we could find the old workouts still in the system instead of having to download and upload them?

Thank you!


That was my experience when I used Zwift on my iPad (after the iPad issues, I switched to using my laptop) - to use an uploaded workout on the iPad, I had to load it on my laptop (which at the time had Zwift only for this purpose), and once it was loaded there, my iPad profile would sync and pick up the new workout.

Hi everyone! Thank you all for the feedback! We are bringing back the most requested collection based on engagement data.


Are you serious? Are you listening to your customers? In this forum people asked for the legacy workout collections (= plural), not just for one single collection.

Directly after the change I was unhappy about the tedious business of uploading workout collections which were not even chronologically ordered. Now, however, I am starting to wonder if you really take your customers seriously and if you strive at all to keep your long time customers.

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@shooj you’ve noticed that the entire tt plan is also in alphabetical order? (Like I pointed out earlier)

Perhaps have a quick looksie at all training plans?

(I speak here about the plans, and not the workout collection)

you have corrected the alphabetical order in the legacy plans?

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Could we restore the ‘legacy’ workouts so users can copy their favorites?
Also, how about a workout with workout segments that are free ride with average power shown?

It would be great if Zwift temporarily resored these old workouts so we can ‘copy’ them into our custom workout selection.

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There are VO2 max workouts in the sweetspot library, hardly any sweetspot workouts there, but plenty of sweetspot workouts in the threshold library. Nice structure, but the sessions need sorting out.

I really miss the easy ftp adjustment before the workout start.

I’m now stuck to the ftp I have without the chance to adjust fast and easy prior to the workout.

Please, bring it back if it’s possible :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, this refresh is not user friendly at all. In my opinion, it is a retrograde step for the software and left me hugely frustrated.

Firstly, it is a positive that you can download the old removed training plans. Great. However.

When you download them, the ordering of the plan is included within the file name. So for Hunters it had 1.1; 1.2 etc built into the file name. You could therefore see which ones you needed to do in relation to all the other workouts in your computer file path.

When you then access the Zwift app, the file name has changed and the app presents the workouts back to you in alphabetical order!!! Any reference to numbering or order removed.

Who thought this was acceptable?! The whole point of a training plan is you do them in a certain order. Any athlete of any discipline will tell you this.

Presenting workouts to you in alphabetical order is so pointless from a training perspective. Oh I’ll do a workout that starts with a D today.

The vast majority of folk won’t know how to string together individual workouts.

Do I focus on recovery? Do I focus on Threshold? Endurance etc etc. And even within those categories – Fast pedalling? Taper? Pacing etc etc.

Just think it’s really really poor. And a massive retrograde step for the software.

I’m gonna hope I can edit the name of the custom work outs I’ve imported (which you can) to include a numbering format so I can see what order I’m supposed to do this 28 sessions in.

It’s just that’s been a massive faff.


Now in workouts you aren’t able to hover over each segment to see what watt is expected or duration of each segment. Being able to adjust your FTP is pointless if you don’t know the end effect of the change. You aren’t able to determine prior to starting the workout if you are capable of doing it.


Check out my post in the Game Update thread @Kevo_M1


The lack of hover feature makes me avoid all new workouts, especially zone 5.
Plus, I can’t edit any workouts anymore. I used to like saving the workouts I tried to my custom folder so it acted like a favorites folder. I can’t stand this update as an iPad user.


How can you adjust your FTP? How to know the power and duration of each segment? The new update is making the work-outs completely useless…

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As a pc desktop user and having been mentioned already, the removal of the hover over workouts to show power feels to be a step backward. I know these details can be seen via the companion app, but it’s a little broken eg intervals will read 20 X 30s @ xxx watts, but it doesn’t mention the watts for the rest phase. So when you are at the home screen, you go to a workout and you can’t hover over the chart to see power numbers :frowning: Going into the main game and bringing up the workouts via E is an option that still thankfully works, but I am worried this may be deprecated or gets changed to the new way of doing things on the home page.

Or perhaps you jump on, get to the obviously touch centric user interface and have to scroll around with the mouse as if you are using touch. No scroll bar or any other way of navigating the options quickly. A button to switch between icons and a list view would be fantastic. Icons for all that visual fluffyness and a list for all those people who want to get down to business quickly. Not all of us are crap with user interfaces and need fluffy big icons. And All Workouts…only being able to see 8 at a time, I am not sure what’s worse, flicking through with a finger or a mouse scroll wheel :frowning: List / icon option ? Pages, page numbers, sections labelled alphabetically for quick navigation ? A search box isn’t even provided for those of us that know the name of a given workout to quickly select it.

The old/legacy way may not be ideal, but it was fast and functional. Enjoy a workout from Build Me Up and want to do it again for example ? Great, head to…oh wait, it’s not listed anymore under workouts. He giveth and he taketh away :frowning: Have to go to the plan, enroll and then select it that way. Very long winded. Or you have to scroll the hell out of all workouts.

Great work on all the progress and new features but some of these ‘little things’ really make a difference to some people. Maybe there isn’t enough of us to help keep these sorts of features which is a shame :frowning: Or perhaps Zwift wants everyone to run it on ipads ? That’s what it feels like sometimes. Gaming computer and big TV for me all the way.


Absolutely spot on, could not agree more with this!

I did a workout today for the first time since the update.

as people have mentioned, having it display the watts when you hover over the segments is definitely needed and the ability to change ftp without going in to the workout would be good. but for me it seems to work okay.

Sorry, but in what way are the training plan workouts in correct order? If I entroll in 6 week FTP Builder, I see this order in first week:

  1. Tempo → 2. Strength → 3. Foundation with 5 minute intervals → 4. Foundation with 4 minute intervals.

When it should be like this:

  1. Foundation with 4 minute intervals. → 2. Strength → 3. Foundation with 5 minute intervals → 4. Tempo.

And the same is true for all other weeks.

Just bring back the reworked unstructured workouts section as it was:

and keep this new one separate as it is now and everyone is happy, I guess.

this is the correct sequence.

very big disappointment this upgrade.